Learn the Mechanics of Spirit Communication
Distinguish Your Own Thoughts from Actual Spirit Messages
Connect with Recognizable Spirit Personalities
Bring through Validating Evidence that Proves the Continuity of Life After Death
Strengthen the Connection to Your Spiritual Guides

Make a conscious connection with the world of Spirit! You’ll be guided in a safe and supportive environment, and learn proven techniques that will allow you to bring through messages from our higher guidance and loved ones who have passed over.

We always work with and through the power of love, and always reach for the highest and wisest information that uplifts and empowers us. You’ll develop skills that will help strengthen your link to your spirit team of higher teachers who can help you embrace and understand your path here on earth.

Join us to share the magic, love and healing from our friends in Spirit!
No experience necessary and all are welcome.



November 2, 2019

10am – 4pm

$75 USD

For more info contact Jennifer

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