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4 Week Live Aboard Apprenticeship

Reset your life, and spend 4 inspiring weeks in my home with me on the Sacramento River Delta. This unique and all-inclusive program has structured days and routines, with plenty of free time to explore the tranquil and natural surroundings. Your one on one spiritual sanctuary includes the following:

Daily lessons on psychic and mediumship development
Hands on tools for sustainable living
Strategies for discovering and manifesting your life’s work
And various other elements for spiritual renewal

Lessons are tailored to meet your unique goals and interests. There is also ample time in each day for self-motivated discovery and reflection through time on the water, resting in your own healing space, and exploring the river and wildlife.

Your investment includes room and board, all lessons, and 2 spiritual assessments. Spiritual assessments are specialized readings to help you see your path, challenges, gifts, and higher direction. One reading will be given during the first week, and the other at the end of the program.

Please contact me to inquire or apply.

For more info contact Jennifer
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