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 Jennifer Henry comes from a family of gifted psychics. She has devoted her life to this work, and has trained with brilliantly gifted mediums and teachers over the past several decades. Jennifer has studied at the Arthur Findlay College in England, a world renowned Mecca for the advancement and development of Mediumship and Psychic Studies.

In 1987, she began her journey of psychic development, and by 1991 was offering readings professionally. She has traveled to India and the Philippines to study yoga and meditation, is trained in massage therapy, and has originated and taught courses designed especially for working with the seriously ill, initiating professional programs for hospices, hospitals and massage therapy institutes throughout California.

Jennifer holds degrees in both Liberal Arts and Spanish, and is a licensed non-denominational minister. She is founder of My University of Light, offering spiritual readings, mentorships and classes that facilitate psychic development and personal transformation. Her work has helped people all over the world.

Jennifer is also author of the forthcoming book, The Psychic Reader’s Handbook: A Guide to Reading Energy. Jennifer is an avid lover of life, as evidenced by her love of skydiving, adventure, study and travel. She is the mother of two fabulous children, a variety of pets, and resides along the beautiful Sacramento River Delta in Northern California.

My Personal Journey

I was born in Berkeley, California, in 1960, and grew up in a fairly traditional family environment. As a young child, I experienced expanded states of consciousness that I couldn’t make sense of, and so I slowly began to block that ability. As I grew older, I remember my dad would tell us stories about his grandmother who was a Spiritualist and psychic medium. The story goes that his mom (my grandmother) used to come home from school and find her mother “levitating furniture,” and doing other “spiritualist” activities. I remember wishing so much that I could have met her.

In my early 20’s, doors to my inner world began to open, and I experienced states of consciousness that frightened me. I can remember thinking that I couldn’t go to these places in the inner realms without a guide. Around this time, I was invited to visit a woman who “did readings.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew I wanted one. That reading was a pivotal experience that changed the course of my life forever. I wanted to learn how to do that!

And so, it was a combination of these and other experiences, that led me to begin this journey of self-discovery and the development of my full sensory perception. I knew there was much more to life than our 3 dimensional reality, and I wanted to understand it. I made a firm resolve to find a teacher.

My first teacher came along a few years later. Her name was Alexis. She was a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI). I spent about a year taking her classes. They were intimate, just 5 or 6 students. When I was 27, I got married and moved from my home in the Central Valley Area of California to the San Francisco Bay Area, which was great, because that meant I could attend BPI, which I did. I spent a year or so there, but really never felt their program was right for me. As soon as I left, life delivered the teacher whom I’d been looking for, my dear friend and wonderful teacher, Sandy.

I was living in Half Moon Bay, CA, and she lived in a remote cottage in Marin County. I would drive nearly 2 hours one way, to have a private class with her every week. I did this for months. At the time, I was a single parent of a 3 year old, and had very little resources, but was so determined to learn. I was passionate about developing my psychic skills, and would have driven to the moon if I had to. My time with Sandy was so perfect for me, I grew so much. Eventually small classes formed, and after 2 years, she ordained 3 of her students and made us ministers. I’ll always remember the beautiful ceremony she performed in her garden for us. Soon I began reading professionally, starting out in a metaphysical bookstore, and developing a small clientele.

Life changed again for me, and I became very involved with the Sufi community in San Rafael, CA, and a few years later, with Ananda Marga Yoga Society. I travelled to India and the Philippines to study meditation, and lived in an ashram for several years. Those were many wonderful years of very deep inner work and nurturing spiritual community. I became vegetarian, and made many lifestyle “upgrades” that have became a part of me to this day.

Looking for a new career that could incorporate my sensitive and spiritual inclinations, I decided to go to massage school, which ultimately led to a fabulous journey of working with cancer patients and eventually teaching. I spent 5 very inspiring years utilizing my intuitive and healing gifts via massage. Then one day, as a result of a teaching contract in Sebastopol, CA, I found myself drawn to move to Sonoma County, which I did in 2001.

Well, eventually, all roads lead back to spirituality. After almost 30 years from the day I began opening up psychically and following a spiritual path, I found myself once again fully embracing this work in deeper and deeper ways. Over the years, I’ve worked with several beautiful and gifted teachers that have made such a huge impact in my development and my spiritual growth. I’ll never be done learning. I’ll continue to reach upward to that next level.

With such a diverse life history, (and I’ve given the grossly abridged version here…), I feel I have so much to bring to the classes I teach. In 2008, I came back to doing spiritual readings and teaching full time. I know in my heart that this is what I was born to do. I love doing readings, I love teaching, I love being a medium and voice for spirit, and most of all, I love being a student…..a student of life.

Wonderful James Van Praagh and me during an event in 2016