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Join us for a full day of working with the spirit world!

You’ll be guided in a safe and loving environment to bring through messages and guidance from loved ones who have passed away. Many sensitive people who feel they cannot control their awareness of spirit, or who are apprehensive about navigating the spirit world simply have not been properly trained. Not only is mediumship a skill that can be learned, it can be extremely valuable to those who feel vulnerable to subtle energy. Give yourself this gift of healing and inspiration!

You’ll learn:

The Mechanics of Spirit Communication
How to Bring through Recognizable Spirit Personalities
Understand the Relationship to your Spirit Guides
Manage your Sensitivity
Build your Spiritual Power
Overcome common Blocks and Fears
Gain Confidence and Bolster your Commitment to Serve the Spirit World

If you feel called to develop your ability to be a voice for spirit, this is a workshop not to be missed! You’ll meet like-minded people who share similar goals and gifts, make new friends, and network in a beautiful web of light. Not only will you be able to use your developing abilities to bring through messages, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from those you know who have crossed over to the spirit world as fellow students bring through messages for you.


Come and Spend the Day with Us!
No Experience is Necessary and All are Welcome.



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