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Enjoy a day full of inspiration and healing, and make a conscious connection with the world of Spirit! In this powerful and dynamic workshop, you’ll be guided in a safe and supportive environment, and learn proven techniques that will allow you to bring through messages from your spiritual guides and recognizable spirit personalities. 

You’ll Learn:

The Mechanics of Spirit Communication
How to Bring Through Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit
Deepening the Relationship with your Spiritual Guides
How to Manage your Sensitivity
Ways to Overcome Common Blocks and Fears

There is a system, tried and true methods and techniques that can help you to open to the unseen energy around you. I’ll be your guide to gently and safely encourage your development to become a voice for spirit.

Mediumship is a beautiful path of service. We always work with and through the power of love, and always reach for the highest and wisest information that uplifts and empowers. You’ll develop skills that will help strengthen the link to your team of higher teachers who can help you embrace and understand your path here on earth. You’ll learn ways to overcome common blocks, distinguish true guidance from your own thoughts, and build confidence as you attune to loved ones and guides on the other side.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of development. No experience is necessary and all are welcome. Space is limited to ensure personalized instruction.



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