Professional Psychic Reader
Training Program

Welcome class of 2022!

In this full week of total immersion, you will learn:

How to Deepen Your Psychic Skills and Abilities
Spirit Communication
Mechanics of Receiving Information
Recognizing Genuine Guidance
Psychic Self-Protection
How to Overcome Common Blocks and Build Confidence
How to Read the Aura, Chakras, Past Lives, Core Beliefs and Relationships
Clearing your Old Programs and Limiting Beliefs
Marketing and Structuring your New Business
Inner Marketing to Attract those you Will Serve

What you will receive:

Personalized Instruction
A Comprehensive Training Manual
Certificate of Completion

In an intimate group setting, you’ll be led in a safe and supportive environment to develop your psychic skills and learn how to effectively “read energy,” so that you can help light the path for others.

I’ll share my 35+ years of experience with this work, and offer many tools, processes, and proven techniques that will nurture your development and deepen your skills.

Offering readings for others is such a beautiful path of service. Join us for an amazing adventure of self-discovery, healing and awakening of your natural psychic potential! No experience necessary and all are welcome.

7 Days to a New Career

August 22-28, 2022

Isleton, CA

Tuition: $699 USD.

Class of Spring 2017 receiving their diplomas.

For more info contact Jennifer

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