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New in 2021! Join us for a day of love and healing as you learn new ways to transform and elevate your relationships into a higher expression. You’ll learn how to read the energy between people. This valuable skill will give you the necessary tools to assist others in their spiritual growth.

Relationships are extremely complex. They are the fundamental structure in which we exist as souls here on earth. Without relationships, we would not know who we are. It is in our relationships with others that we grow and evolve. Whether it’s a partnership, family, co-worker, employer or any other relationship in a person’s life, this type of reading can provide insight and answers. In this dynamic workshop, you’ll learn how to examine relationships in deeper ways, and offer guidance from many different perspectives that most likely are not evident on a conscious level. You’ll learn how to discover the unconscious patterns that are creating a person’s experience in relationships.

You’ll learn how to read:

What is each person learning?
What soul qualities are they developing?
How are they growing spiritually?
What soul agreements are in place?
Is there parental programming influencing the relationship?
Are there unresolved past traumas?
What does each person need?
What is each person gaining from the relationship? What does it give them?
What unspoken words need to be expressed?
How does each person feel in the relationship?
Are there any agreements that need to be updated? Cancelled? Re-evaluated?
Is the container (the marriage, friendship, co-worker, etc.) still effective?
Does the container need to be updated?
How can you bring more joy and more love into the relationship?

As with all workshops, as you tune your mind upwards and inwards to learn these new skills, you’ll undoubtedly gain much insight and awareness into your own personal journey with relationships. This course is suitable for all levels of development. No experience is necessary and all are welcome.



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